Corporate wellness solutions designed for human needs, with the business perspective in mind

We make it easier for you to become a dream employer while reaching new heights in the market.
Today, 60% of employees, 64% of managers, and 75% of C-level executives are seriously considering quitting their job for one that better supports their well-being.*

The way we work is not working for us. And hitting the mark as an employer has never been so challenging.

From navigating digitalization to promoting DEI, fostering a positive work culture, and adapting sustainable practices – the pressure is on to turn your values into tangible actions while continuing to reach performance goals.

The way to do it? Treat employee well-being as a top-level business objective and put rock solid strategies in place that attract and engage the right people.

Employee well-being is the foundation for all future growth

*Deloitte, 2023 https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/insights/topics/talent/workplace-well-being-research.html

Here’s what the right employee wellness partner can do for you:

Increase productivity​
We teach evidence-based well-being practices that enable employees to become more resilient and perform at their best even in high-pressure situations.
Attract top talent
We help you find attainable ways of creating a healthy culture that supports work-life balance, positioning you as a top choice for the people who will fuel your growth.
Boost engagement, reduce turnover
Instead of wasting your resources on arbitrary tactics, we look to the bottom of work-related stress, mitigate its negative effects, and help you nurture a strong sense of belonging and commitment within your team.
Reduce healthcare costs
We support you in empowering employees to take charge of their well-being, focusing on preventative measures that significantly cut health expenses.
Align with ESG frameworks
We help infuse ESG principles into your organization, ensuring that you not only comply with regulations but also cultivate a strong company culture that reflects your values to stakeholders.


Our workplace
well-being solutions evolve as you do

Still trying to decide if investing in employee wellness is worth it?

Navigating tough times and looking to provide some extra support for your team?

Already have a sound workplace well-being strategy in place and need a trusted ally to help you deliver it?

We’re here to be your partner in well-being, wherever you are in the world.

Active breaks

When every minute counts, knowing how to quickly recharge your batteries throughout the day is essential for success. Our movement and brain breaks are designed to help your employees combat the sedentary grind, eliminate brain fog and regain their focus and vitality.

Reduce discomfort, increase energy levels and boost team spirit in just 1-5 minutes with live desk-side sessions and short pre-recorded videos.

Ergonomic & DSE assessments

Maximizing your team’s potential starts with ensuring they’re able to work comfortably and efficiently.

We help you pinpoint areas where small changes in posture, workstation setup and equipment use can have a big impact on reducing aches, pains, and work-related musculoskeletal disorders.

Keynotes, seminars, workshops

You know those talks that cover important topics but still feel like a waste of time and money because they’re… well, boring? That kind that gives you all the theory but nothing on how to turn it into action? They just don’t cut it anymore.

In our education services, we focus on real-world scenarios and solutions, offering not just insights but a roadmap to implementation. We bridge the gap between knowledge and results, making sure every minute spent in our sessions adds real value to your company.

Topics covered include healthy habits, work-life balance, mental health, work and parenthood, psychological safety and healthy relationships at work, and many more.

Strategic partnerships

Your company size, industry, location, workforce demographics, work environment, and a host of other factors influence what wellness strategies will best help you reach your goals.

We believe that you and your employees deserve better than a cookie-cutter approach. That’s why we offer comprehensive workplace well-being audits that look at the hidden part of the iceberg – the invisible factors that affect how your people are feeling and performing at work.

We cover areas from physical and mental health to DEI, relationships with colleagues and managers, and more. These are concerns that employees might be hesitant to share with HR or their boss, yet they significantly impact their productivity and engagement.

While keeping employee privacy and confidentiality at the forefront, we tell you everything you need to know about what’s really going on with your team, and work with you to deliver tailored interventions.
Working with us is simple

We conduct a 360° well-being audit to dive deep into understanding your unique challenges and your overarching goals.

Our process is thorough and collaborative, ensuring we have a comprehensive view of your well-being needs.


We develop a customized proposal outlining your well-being plan, including action items, timelines and expected outcomes.

It's a clear roadmap that aligns with your objectives and ensures we're on the same page before moving forward.


We collaborate closely with your management and/or people team to execute the approved initiatives.

We do everything necessary for seamless execution that minimizes disruption and maximizes positive impact.


We monitor the effectiveness of the interventions, gather feedback from employees, and analyze data-driven insights.

This stage allows us to make real-time adjustments to ensure that your organization is achieving its well-being goals.

Your company probably needs a well-being strategy sooner than later, if:

  • You experience a high rate of employee turnover
  • Your employees frequently call in sick or taking extended leaves due to stress-related issues
  • You notice a consistent drop in productivity
  • You notice a decline in morale, your employees seem disengaged or unhappy
  • Your company’s healthcare costs are on the rise
  • There are frequent conflicts or tension among employees
  • You struggle to attract top talent
  • You face difficulties in adapting to industry changes and new technologies
  • You receive negative publicity regarding employee experiences
  • Your employees struggle to comply with company policies and procedures

Ready to help your employees thrive?