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Engagement-boosting health and well-being solutions for event organizers and companies

Want to show your attendees that you care?

We’re here to help your virtual and in-person events succeed by delivering experiences that energize, inspire, and promote lasting connections.
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Your events should get you the results you want.

After all, you wouldn’t pour so much effort, time and money into organizing it if you didn’t hope it will help you achieve something.

Whether it’s revenue, recognition, or a strong company culture that you’re after, there is one thing that will make or break your event’s success: the engagement of your attendees.

And the critical factor their engagement hinges on? It’s not just how interested they are in what you have to offer. It’s whether or not they feel relaxed, focused and energized enough to take full advantage of the opportunities available.

By paying attention to attendees' physical and mental well-being, you help them be present as their best selves – and get what they want out of your event.

Achieve that, and your own success is guaranteed.
Well-being doesn’t have to be mystical or complicated.

You don’t have a lot of time in the schedule. And some of your attendees might even be wary of this wellness thing. Who wants to risk embarrassing themselves in front of others, right?

We get it.

This is why at Balance & Core, we specialize in accessible, relatable, and practical approaches to well-being. And with a commitment to DEI values and practices, we prioritize working in a way that addresses the unique needs of participants.


Wellness without the fluff, for events big or small

Body and Brain Energizers

It doesn’t matter if you have an hour or 2 minutes, there are things we can do to give your attendees a revitalizing boost.

From adaptable movement to science-based mindfulness and relaxation techniques, we bring what you need to set the mood of your event and keep guests engaged.

Keynote, Seminar, Workshop

Information is good, transformative action is better.

As speaker, we approach well-being, diversity and inclusion topics in a way that goes beyond delivering knowledge, diving deep into aspects your audience actually cares about. This ensures that insights gained don’t stay in the room but become catalysts for positive change.

Bespoke Wellness Experiences

Would you like to set up ergonomically designed relaxation zones at your conference? Incorporate daily movement sessions into your retreat? Create a fun well-being challenge for your team-building day?

We love to partner up to craft meaningful wellness experiences that can strategically support your event’s objectives.


What you’ll gain by working with a well-being partner

Increased ROI

Giving center stage to well-being can generate more interest for your event and lead to increased attendee satisfaction, resulting in a higher return on investment.

More focus and engagement

Well-being sessions can combat fatigue and physical discomfort, leading to higher energy levels and mental clarity so that attendees remain engaged and attentive throughout the day.

Stronger relationships

Participating in wellness activities together creates shared experiences that facilitate real connections among attendees. Associating these positive feelings with your event also makes it more memorable.

Alignment with values

By investing in well-being, you demonstrate your commitment to your values and show attendees that you care about them. This creates a positive impact beyond the event itself.

Let’s make your event’s success a sure thing!