Reni private yoga, French Riviera

Meet Reni

Founder of Balance & Core

Private wellness coach Reni Horvath is the founder of Balance & Core.

With 14 years of teaching experience in the wellness field, Reni designs bespoke programs for her clients around yoga, Pilates, fitness, meditation.

An avid traveller and marathon runner who moved to Nice 2017, after living in 6 countries on 3 continents.

She studied Health Education at various universities and institutions across Denmark, Spain, Canada and Hungary, and the science of yoga and meditation from her beloved teachers in India.

In addition to her business, Reni is a university lecturer in Cross-Cultural Communication and Cultural Diplomacy.




At Balance & Core, we believe in giving knowledge in a fun way.

Our programs are tailor-made and foster conscious movement, where our clients learn WHY a certain exercise is beneficial for them. This enhances a deeper understanding and stronger commitment towards a holistic wellbeing.

“Your body achieves, what your mind believes.”

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