ABOUT thomas 15 November 2023


Our mission

In a world where profit seems to rule everything, the well-being of people often feels like an afterthought. But this is a mistake, one that actually hurts organizations.

We know there’s a better way to succeed – where business growth is fueled by a healthy work culture and thriving employees.

We are here to help forward-thinking organizations worldwide make that shift and support those who are already changing the status quo by putting their people first.

We believe in…

A 360° approach to well-being: We go beyond quick fixes and craft solutions that tackle the invisible challenges standing in the way of flourishing.
Co-creation: The best solutions are born from the combination of insider knowledge and an external perspective. Our partnerships are based on mutual trust and close collaboration, ensuring a better outcome for every stakeholder.
Adapting fast: The landscape of work evolves rapidly, and we’re committed to staying at the forefront of addressing the new challenges our clients face.
Sustainability: We take the long-term view both in what we do and how we operate. We believe that wellness initiatives should not only benefit people and organizations but also contribute to a sustainable world.

Let’s build a future of work where everyone can thrive.



Despite the pleas of her entrepreneur parents to get “a regular job”, Reni has forged her own path from day one. She knows the drive to work to the point of burnout because you want something so badly – that’s why she’s passionate about supporting visionary founders and organizations on their wellness journeys.

Her educational background spans Health Improvement Management, Applied Linguistics, and Anthropology. In addition to running her company, Reni is also a university lecturer in Cross-Cultural Communication and Cultural Diplomacy. This role regularly exposes her to Gen Z’s unique needs and perspectives in the modern workplace.

Through Balance & Core, she blends her multidisciplinary knowledge with over 15 years of experience in wellness education to address the unique challenges of organizations in the digital age. Her integrative approach empowers clients to create positive work environments that prioritize employee well-being and long-term organizational success.