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Prime your company for lasting success.

Practical well-being solutions designed to help you win in the new world of work.


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Maintain your edge and keep engagement high

You love to work. We do too. That’s why we want you to know this: it’s possible to do deeply satisfying, industry-disrupting work without burning out yourself and your employees.

The key ingredient? A company culture with well-being ingrained in its DNA. The kind where all aspects of well-being are treated as an essential component of high performance.

Whether you’re a startup embracing remote work or a corporation with hybrid teams all over the world, we’re here to help you find the right intervention for enabling your employees to thrive.

B2B workplace well-being for every stage of business growth

Upgrade from ad hoc, hit-or-miss tactics to tailored strategic practices

Movement and brain breaks

Let us show you how much you can do for your posture and mental health with just 1 to 15 minute active breaks during the day.

No need to change or leave your desk.

Ergonomic & DSE assessments

Design a workplace where employees can perform their tasks comfortably, efficiently, and safely. Eliminate discomfort-related distractions for good.

Keynotes, seminars, workshops

Gain easy-to-digest, actionable insights into a wide range of wellness topics that will help you turn knowing into doing.

Strategic partnerships

Get 360-degree feedback on employee well-being in your organization, and a targeted, high-impact action plan for creating lasting changes.

Elevate your conference game

Want to maximize the ROI of your conference, company event, or team day? Create an unforgettable experience that helps your attendees learn and network at their best all day with our energizer sessions.



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Why companies choose Balance & Core

We work with you to design experiences with impact

We don’t take shortcuts with one-size-fits-all approaches. When you work with us, you gain a strategic ally with the objectivity and expertise needed to design and deliver solutions fit for your unique vision.

We prioritize human sustainability and data-driven insights

We believe in creating tangible results by making work better for humans. We’re committed to helping you make better workforce decisions based on empirical evidence and a deep understanding of your long-term needs.

Our approach is rooted in ESG principles

We focus on the metrics that matter to your key stakeholders. Any corporate wellness strategy we create considers environmental, social and governance factors, ensuring that all well-being initiatives take your company closer to reaching its broader sustainability and ethical goals.

We grow and adapt with you

We value strong partnerships and always align our expertise with your evolving goals. We know what it’s like to work in constantly changing circumstances and never shy away from a new challenge of doing great things together.

Become an expert on building a culture of well-being at work

Read our thoughts and tips on how to stay productive while keeping your employees healthy and happy

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