Thai Bodywork

Thai massage is a perfect way to nurture your body & soul.

What is Thai Massage?

 Traditional Thai Massage, also called Thai Bodywork or Thai Yoga Bodywork, is an ancient healing technique that uses gentle pressure and stretching techniques to relax the whole body. Thai Massage brings together principles of yoga, acupressure, reflexology, physiotherapy, and Ayurveda.

The rhythmic compressions and stretches of this massage follow the body’s energy lines (called Sen lines), bringing harmony and balance to it.

There are different types of Thai Yoga Bodywork, and the one that I offer is the traditional Full-Body Nuad Thai Bodywork.

Where Does Thai Massage Come From?

Because of the name, most people assume it originated from Thailand. It has indeed been practiced in Thailand for thousands of years.

However, Thai Massage originated in India and dated back to more than 5000 years ago.

Thanks to its ancient tradition and meaning, in 2019, Nuad Thai Massage was added to the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List.

Why is a Thai Yoga Bodywork session beneficial?

Thai Bodywork has several science-supported benefits. First, the active stretching movements of Thai Massage are great to improve joint mobility and flexibility. Thai Bodywork is also a great non-pharmaceutical option to relieve headaches and reduce back pain. The benefits of Thai Massage in easing migraines and back pain symptoms are not short-term. Studies showed that the benefits from just one session can last up to 15 weeks.

In addition, Thai Bodywork will bring you a sense of relaxation and calm, decreasing your stress levels and boosting your energy. Brain scans of people receiving Thai Massage showed a great sense of relaxation and much less anxiety than people undergoing physiotherapy to treat the same conditions (for example, joint stiffness or pain).

The soothing of the body and the mind obtained through the massage will help you sleep better, improving your overall mental health.

Happy clients

"Booked a block of ten lessons with Reni as I’d heard great things – fantastic level of personal attention – very tailored to individual needs – Reni really knows her stuff and I’ve made wonderful progress with mobility and breathing. Whilst clearly an absolute expert, she’s fantastic at introducing people to yoga, and great at pacing the learning.

Highly recommended."

Niall Mason

"I had a wonderful private yoga lesson with Reni. She takes the time to talk to you to see what your needs are and if you have any issues or preferences so that she can tailor a session to fit exactly to your needs. She designed a session that was a great blend of yoga styles ending with breathwork and relaxation. Somehow she intuitively made a perfect balance of dynamic work also combining static poses and strength work so that I felt looser, relaxed but at the same time challenged by the end. I also loved her hands-on approach with her gentle adjustments that demonstrated her understanding of my body's potential.

I highly recommend her services. Try her out! You won’t be disappointed."

Shona Marrs

Wellness Packages

Combine the benefits of an energizing yoga session, a powerful fitness workout, and a Thai Yoga Bodywork. After an active lesson, or as a rest day option you can immerse into mobility and recovery in a different way.

Movement + Thai massage combination packages available,

100% designed to your needs and goals.

What To Expect From Your Thai Massage Session

Thai Massage uses different techniques from what people in the Western world might be familiar with. Unlike other massage techniques, where the client lies passively on a bed, in Thai Yoga Bodywork, you will be lying on the floor on a futon, and participating more actively in the massage. People often refer to Thai Massage as “lazy yoga”. Thai Bodywork can treat the whole body, from head to toe. It is easily customizable and is suitable for people of all ages and flexibility levels. Thai Bodywork is a dry massage that does not use any oils or lotions. It is instead performed using rhythmic pressing, deep compressing, and yoga-like stretching movements. You should just wear comfortable clothes to your session and be ready to enjoy the health benefits!



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