A corporate health improvement program helps to refresh the body and calm the mind of the employees from long hours of sitting, right on the spot.


What are the benefits of corporate classes? 


Increased productivity of the employees


Higher job satisfaction amongs employees, and reduced staff turnover


Motivates employees to work to their highest potential


Higher job satisfaction amongst employees


Decreased health care costs



Increased strenght & flexibility


Reduced work-related chronic pain and injury


Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases


Reduced stress, anxiety and burnout


Promotes overall sense of well-being




Chair Yoga and Fitness


For chair yoga, all you need is your office chair with an arm's length space both sides.  Exercises are done right at your work desk in your normal business attire. This session aims to release the tension of your spine and upper body and increase circulation of the legs.

Corporate Classes

Yoga/ Pilates/ Stretching/ Functional fitness & Core training adapted to your company's needs.

At the conference room, or any available space, where we can place a few yoga mats on the ground.


Breathing & Meditation

Learn to control your breathing to control your mind with a session of Mindfulness-based relaxation practice.

Available as part of your office yoga session, or separately.

Workshops & Presentations

Practice-based workshops to learn more about Stress- Management, Breathing & Mindfulness or Improve posture behind the work desk. 

It can be hard sometimes to find time to do exercise after a long day at work.

Balance & Core comes to you,

so you can save the time of going

to your yoga and fitness classes.

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