In-person and online workplace wellness sessions

A corporate wellness and health improvement program helps to refresh the body and calm the mind of the employees from long hours of sitting, right on the spot.


What are the benefits of workplace wellness sessions? 


Increased productivity of the employees


Higher job satisfaction amongs employees, and reduced staff turnover


Motivates employees to work to their highest potential


Higher job satisfaction amongst employees


Decreased health care costs



Increased strenght & flexibility


Reduced work-related chronic pain and injury


Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases


Reduced stress, anxiety and burnout


Promotes overall sense of well-being




Online & In-person Workplace Wellness Services

Regular session and special events


Chair Yoga and Fitness


For chair yoga or deskside stretchig, all you need is your office chair with an arm's length space both sides.  

Exercises are done right at your work desk in your normal business attire. This session aims to release the tension of your spine and upper body and increase circulation of the legs.

Movement Classes

Yoga/ Pilates/ Stretching/ Functional fitness & Core training adapted to your company's needs. 

At the conference room, or any available space, where we can place a few yoga mats on the ground.

Breathing & Meditation

Learn to control your breathing to control your mind with a session of Mindfulness-Based Relaxation Technique.

Available as part of your office yoga session, or separately.

Workshops & Presentations

Practice-based workshops to learn more about Stress- Management, Breathing & Mindfulness or Improve posture behind the work desk.



At Balance & Core we can help you work on a better posture with dedicated active stretching exercises. We can guide you in rethinking your working environment, you’ll be amazed by how small changes can make a huge difference in the long run.

We are available in the Monaco area and on the French Riviera.

Contact us for a first consultation.


Client Reviews

“Reni kindly joined our superyacht at the last minute to teach Yoga and Pilates to our group of 10 during a 12 day charter trip around Southern France and Italy.

During this time, she created and led an excellent program covering strength, flexibility, mindfulness and relaxation and adapted this program to a wide range of expertise and experience, and an equally wide range of ages.

This program was a genuinely first-rate addition to the charter trip, and allowed our guests to fully enjoy the unique experience onboard a luxury superyacht.

Feedback from our charter guests on the effectiveness and enjoyability of the program was universally excellent! Many of them commented that the wellness aspect of Reni’s program was incredibly beneficial to their overall health.

Reni is a driven, capable, and competent instructor, and has a friendly and relaxed personal manner whilst maintaining absolute professionalism and focus.

We really do recommend her very highly indeed.”

Bob Anslow

Yacht Broker

“Booked a block of ten lessons with Reni as I’d heard great things – fantastic level of personal attention – very tailored to individual needs – Reni really knows her stuff and I’ve made wonderful progress with mobility and breathing. Whilst clearly an absolute expert, she’s fantastic at introducing people to yoga, and great at pacing the learning.

Highly recommended.”

Niall Mason

Private client

“Reni was onboard M/Y Lady Jorgia for a 2-week charter, she is hardworking and extremely knowledgeable along with a fantastic work ethic. A pleasure to have onboard and very well-liked by both crew and guests. Highly recommended.”

Captain Paul Bickley

M/Y Lady Jorgia

“I had a wonderful private yoga lesson with Reni. She takes the time to talk to you to see what your needs are and if you have any issues or preferences so that she can tailor a session to fit exactly to your needs. She designed a session that was a great blend of yoga styles ending with breathwork and relaxation. Somehow she intuitively made a perfect balance of dynamic work also combining static poses and strength work so that I felt looser, relaxed but at the same time challenged by the end. I also loved her hands-on approach with her gentle adjustments that demonstrated her understanding of my body’s potential.”

I highly recommend her services. Try her out! You won’t be disappointed.”

Shona Marrs

Private client

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