In-person and Online Workplace Wellness Solutions

Workplace wellness is often seen as a nice-to-have, but it is actually a must in today’s world. 

Employees are experiencing a return to a new reality through and need readjustments in professional and private life.

At Balance & Core, we understand the key challenges and responsibilities of the corporate workforce.

Our tailored program helps align corporate identity between different offices and contribute to create team spirit between different business units.


The ROI of employee well-being programs


After Deloitte’s 2022 research, “the estimated return on investment (ROI) for employers investing in mental wellness initiatives for their workforce is, on average, $5.3 for every $1 spent.”


Corporate Wellness Statistics in 2023


of today's workforce are in the state of severe burnout


of employees reported not being able to discuss about their well-being with their managers since the outbreak of the pandemic


of HR professionals suffer from psychological distress

Source: Santé mentale et entreprise : les chiffres de détresse en hausse


Client reviews

“My team and I had an online wellness session with Reni, and her desk-side stretching program was incredible! We all sit long hours in front of our computers, and after our afternoon session, I felt excellent, relaxed, and focused.
The online format is even more convenient, and I can recommend it to any company, be it at the office or remotely.”
Konstantinos Ntoukakis

Studio for Digital Growth

“Reni has taught us a lot in our 7 AM sunrise workout sessions while we were working remotely in Nizza.

Throughout the workday, her stretching and mobilization lessons kept our energy levels high.

Balance & Core is highly recommendable to any corporations seeking employee well-being enhancement.

After her sessions, we feel more energized and mobilized while at the same time learning lots about our bodies and a healthier lifestyle.

I am highly grateful and can wholeheartedly refer her without any hesitation.”

Ehsan Allahyar Parsa


“I had the pleasure of participating in 4 different wellness sessions Reni offered to Co d’Azur community, through Balance & Core.

The chair stretching breaks during the working day were crucial to all those of us sitting long hours in front of the screen. Reni made us realize the importance of stretching through the working day. Through all the sessions, Reni made sure to explain clearly the reason and the benefits of the exercise in question. In addition, she’s very friendly and very good company.

I definitely recommend Balance & Core for all corporate wellness sessions!

Paula Seeman

Cisco / Co d'Azur

“Booked a block of ten lessons with Reni as I’d heard great things – fantastic level of personal attention – very tailored to individual needs – Reni really knows her stuff and I’ve made wonderful progress with mobility and breathing. Whilst clearly an absolute expert, she’s fantastic at introducing people to yoga, and great at pacing the learning.

Highly recommended.

Niall Mason


Benefits of workplace wellness sessions


Increased productivity of the employees


Higher job satisfaction amongs employees, and reduced staff turnover


Motivates employees to work to their highest potential


Higher job satisfaction amongst employees


Decreased health care costs



Increased strenght & flexibility


Reduced work-related chronic pain and injury


Improved overall health and reduced risk for diseases


Reduced stress, anxiety and burnout


Promotes overall sense of well-being



Working with Balance & Core is simple


Wellness audit:

The assessment gives you information about the key areas affecting your workforce’s energy, well-being and workplace performance.


Corporate wellness proposal:

Based on the wellness audit, we propose a well-being plan designed to your organization’s needs. 


Program delivery:

We start facilitate the program in an educational and fun way to make your team thrive. 



We evaluate the program and conduct a follow-up and re-assessment. 

Looking for a way to improve your team’s productivity and well-being?

Backpain Buster Movement Break

Balance & Core’s micro movement breaks offer the perfect solution.

We offer customized sessions backed by science and are designed to reduce discomfort, increase energy levels, and improve team spirit and social connections.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your team.

Empower workforce through education

Workplace Wellness Services

Virtual and In-person regular sessions and special events

Chair Yoga and Fitness


For chair yoga or deskside stretchig, all you need is your office chair with an arm's length space both sides.  

Exercises are done right at your work desk in your normal business attire. This session aims to release the tension of your spine and upper body and increase circulation of the legs.

Movement Classes

Yoga/ Pilates/ Stretching/ Functional fitness & Core training adapted to your company's needs. 

At the conference room, or any available space, where we can place a few yoga mats on the ground.

Breathing & Meditation

Learn to control your breathing to control your mind with a session of Mindfulness-Based Relaxation Technique.

Available as part of your office yoga session, or separately.

Workshops & Webinars

Interactive, engaging workshops and webinars are an excellent way to deepen employees' knowledge on various fields of well-being and implement new techniques right away. 

See workshop topics below. 



A person is shown engaging in desk-side movements to improve their posture and alleviate strain on their back and neck.



Take the first step towards boosting employee morale, productivity, and motivation! If you're an executive, HR manager, or team leader who's interested in learning more, let's connect for an introductory call.


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