6 reasons to hire a private yoga teacher


Science has shown that one-to-one fitness and yoga classes are more beneficial than group classes for several reasons. If you are thinking of hiring a private yoga instructor, check out these six reasons why you should think no further.


1. Private yoga is bespoke to your goals and needs


There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to wellbeing. Hiring a private yoga instructor allows you to have the appropriate time and space to make all the necessary personal adjustments.

Group classes often comprise people at different levels (beginners, intermediate and advanced), and this can be confusing. The full attention of a private yoga teacher, on the other hand, is the right choice for every level. Maybe you are an experienced yogi, and you’d like to experiment with different styles. Or perhaps you are a total beginner, and one-to-one sessions can be a comfortable way to be introduced to yoga.



Whatever your level and needs, a private yoga teacher will give your body and mind the attention they need.



Before starting our journey together, we will discuss what you want to achieve. We will identify the steps to take to improve your mental and physical wellbeing. During the session, I won’t force any style on you. I use an engaging and malleable approach that adapts to your specific needs and goals.

Having the luxury of a private yoga instructor allows for great variety in our sessions together. Depending on how energetic you feel, I can vary the intensity and the rhythm, the nature of the exercises to make the most of your practice. Each session is going to be different and fully personalized.


2. Private yoga allows you total flexibility on time and location


I know that your time is precious. That’s why hiring an experienced private yoga teacher gives you total control and flexibility on schedule and location. You can save the time of traveling to a crowded group class. You can practice in your preferred location. And no one knows more than you where that is.

With private yoga, you will experience the full benefits of yoga with no outer distractions. I will bring my expertise, my energy, and my undivided attention to YOU.

I am available for home, villa and yacht visits on the French Riviera from Cannes and Antibes to Monaco. You can choose days, times, and location that works best for you.


3. Private yoga is built on communication



I believe that communication is crucial.

And trustworthy relationships are built on communication.


In public yoga classes, there is often little space for questions. And yoga, if done right, is meant to raise a lot of questions, regardless of where you are in your practice. Hiring a qualified private yoga teacher, you will have the luxury of asking all the questions you feel, with total focus on yourself. Through an open dialogue, you will have quicker and better access to your inner strength and balance.



4. Private yoga will gift you with a deeper understanding of yoga


Private yoga will help you tune in with what yoga is really about on a deeper level: that mind and body connection. Having a deeper understanding of yoga will not only change how you feel physically but will also change how you react to situations and daily life stress, leading you to a calmer and happier life.

Your bespoke private yoga sessions will be a vehicle that will support and empower you on your journey towards the best version of yourself.



5. Private yoga will prepare you for your own practice journey


With yoga, there is no finish line. Your practice is an ongoing process. With a private yoga teacher, you will learn to practice in a way that is safe and sustainable for your body. This will prepare you to move forward with your own home practice as part of your daily routine


6. Private yoga is an investment in your own health and wellbeing


An investment in your own health and wellbeing is the best gift you can give to yourself. 


Thanks to private yoga, you will have a lifetime-worth of tools and wisdom to work mindfully towards your goals.

Remember that a private yoga session is not a yoga class for one student. It is a completely personalized experience to deepen your practice and allow you to reach your health and wellbeing goals. 

If you want to invest in your health with an experienced private yoga teacher, let’s connect and get started. You won’t regret it, I promise.

We will work together to develop a tailored plan that meets your needs and goals. I will be honored to guide you on your wellbeing journey.


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