Detox is a trending topic today. However, most articles are focusing on the outside, for example on what we are eating, drinking, rather than what is happening in the mind. No doubt, they all are about nourishing your body. 

But what if we are starting with the head first: declutter the mind.  

These days we still underestimate the power of your thoughts. They say that an average person has up to 70.000 thoughts a day. Positive and negative thoughts are both essential, and serve a different purpose in our everyday life. Paying attention to the positive keeps you resilient and keeps the physical and mental body healthy. Whereas negative thoughts enhance survival in a certain situation. The question is the ratio between the two. 

Already a few minutes of meditation and mindfulness- based practices helps you to tame that monkey-mind, return to the present moment, and helps in better decision-making. And who doesn’t have a few minutes me-time in a day? All you need is regularity and a little self-discipline. 

Mindful breathing exercise
Breathing is probably the quickest way to connect you with the present moment and direct your attention in a purposeful way. Simply, because it is always with you.

So let’s get started!
1) Find a comfortable position: sitting, or any relaxing asana is a great start. Choose a posture that keeps your mind alert.

2) Focus on what is happening in your body at this moment. What do you feel now? Try to notice the connection with your skin, with the ground. Relax your limbs, the center of your body, and your face. Breathe.

3) Now shift your attention to your breathing. Feel free to close your eyes, if it helps you focus. Slowly start to regulate your breathing. Envisioning helps concentration as well. Imagine what happens in your body with each inhale, and exhale.

You might notice that your mind disconnects. This can happen anytime. Slowly start redirecting your attention back to your breathing.

4) Slowly shift your attention back to your body, and feel your bodily sensations. Notice your skin. Feel your whole body.

Try to follow a mindful breathing practice for 5 minutes, at any time of the day.

Create a regular practice, a daily routine.

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